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More than just a salon, Lavender Beauty Rooms is an experience. There is a power and ambiance of peace and tranquility when you walk into our Beauty Rooms, a place where you go to relax, unwind de-stress and pamper yourself, a place where you realize just how good you can feel about you. We offer fantastic Reflexology, Aromatherapy service. You will feel refreshed once you leave the salon.

Massage Therapy
Child & Baby Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Men’s Treatments



Aromatherapy is a treatment designed to help by the correct use and application of essential oils obtained from plants. The word “aroma “means a fragrance or sweet smell and “therapy” means a treatment designed to cure.

To include written consultation & Reflex Analysis, followed by full body massage, facial & home care treatment.

“A wonderful experience”


Tension headaches resulting from stress or overwork are common and respond well to Aromatherapy treatment. Symptoms usually include muscular tension particularly of the scalp, shoulders and neck. Headaches may also arise from factors such as sinus congestion, menstruation etc. Scalp massage stimulates circulation in the particular area and encourages deep relaxation.


The benefits of massage for babies & children cannot be extolled high enough. Massage is touch in its most positive form. Most children love being touched & held by a parent. Emotional benefits include security, love, comfort & stability. Through massage children can learn to love themselves, this leads to self confidence & helps them to be at ease with others.

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Pregnancy Massage


During pregnancy, state of mind can have a great effect on the foetus and by caring for the total self while pregnant we can nurture the growing child effectively in the womb, thus helping produce beautifully calm and healthy children through the mother, even from an early state.


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REFLEXOLOGY €50reflexology treatement

Reflexology is a therapy using the pressure points of the hands and feet which gives a reflex action through the nervous system of the body. Reflexology is an entirely natural treatment whose aim is to normalize and harmonize the functions of the body.

Reflexology has many benefits such as improving blood circulation, to helping with stomach and bowel problems. Reflexology has shown to be very effective for the treatment of hay fever.

Reflexology Benefits:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Boost Circulation
  • Hormonal Harmony
  • Digestive Calmness
  • Ease Muscles
  • Arms Immune System

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Massage benefits include:

  • Relief of mental and physical fatigue; induces deep relaxation
  • Improved mobility; massage is a form of passive exercise
  • Promotion of easy and correct posture producing better health
  • Stimulation of body and mind without negative side-effects
  • Reduction of inflammation and/or pain
  • Improvement of the circulation of blood and lymph
  • Increase in the detoxifying function of the kidneys
  • Elimination via the lymphatic system

From the above you can see that a prophylactic effect is gained by regular massage. This means that disease can be kept at bay just by keeping the body systems as healthy as possible with massage.

Deep tissue massages €60

Deep Tissue: *Releases chronic tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the grain of muscles, tendons, and fascia.

Indian Head Massage €70

Indian Head Massage is part of the Ayurvedic bodywork healing system that have been practiced in India for over five thousand years. In addition to our physical anatomy, there exits a “subtle” anatomy that is normally unseen. Each Chakra corresponds to a different gland and it governs specific parts of the physical body and area of psychological and spiritual development. Assisting these energy centres to remain unblocked is a highly effective way of resisting ill health

Head Neck & Shoulder Massage €50

Head Neck & Shoulder Massage is most beneficial for stress, general relaxation, insomnia, aches, pains, shoulder tension and breathing difficulties. Relieves tightness in muscles and improves posture.


Back massage is most beneficial for stress, general relaxation, insomnia, aches, pains, and breathing difficulties. Relieves tightness in muscles and improves posture.

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Child & Baby Massage

Child & Baby Massage €40

The benefits of massage to babies and children cannot be extolled high enough. Massage is touch in its most positive form, and most children love being held and cuddled by a parent.

baby massage & reflexology

Let us look at the areas where massage can help:

  • Parent / Child bonding
  • Security
  • Confidence
  • Emotions
  • Physique

The early emotional benefits gained by massage include, security, love, comfort and stability

Through massage children can learn to love themselves. This leads to self-confidence and helps them to be at ease with others. Self-confidence, feeling at ease with others and being able to love yourself leads to a stress-free life.

Much can be achieved by giving up even 5 minutes of your time to massage your child; if they love it, give them more time – 15 to 20 minutes is usually long enough for most children. It is beneficial if you let your child rest afterwards (covered with a blanket).

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  • Deep tissue massages €60
  • Back cleansing treatment €60
  • Back massage €50

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