Welcome to Lavender Lane Aromatherapy & Reflexology, Castleknock

Lavender Lane specializes in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage and specialized homemade creams for all skin types and conditions.More than just a salon, Lavender Beauty Rooms is an experience.

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Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage is the use of essential oils in use with a massage to help with the physical and spiritual health of the body

Reflexology used on the feet is used for health benefits throughout the body. Reflexology can help alleviate many problems such as IBS, allergies. It is based on the reflex points on the feet which are linked to every part of the body.

reflexology special


For the month of September, Reflexology will be at a discounted price of ‚ā¨45. Every month, we will be doing a new deal for our customers. Why not book a well earned trip down to LL for a revitalizing Reflexology Session.


Reflexology has been used for centuries for many medical benefits for both the mind and body. If you suffer from any allergies, this might be just for you. We have customers return every year to help with their hay fever allergies.

There is a power and ambiance of peace and tranquility when you walk into our Aromatherapy Beauty Rooms, a place where you go to relax, unwind and pamper yourself, a place where you realize just how good you can feel about you.

Lavender Lane is located in Roselawn, Castleknock, Dublin 15

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